The Apple Store


The new prototype Apple Store in Germantown, TN.


W. B. Day Construction, LLC became a preferred vendor of Apple with the construction of a new prototype of The Apple Store. W. B. Day Construction was responsible for all phases and able to finish the project on time with changes made during construction.

The front of the 4,000-square ft. space is more or less just giant sheets of glass, allowing sunlight to pour into the store. The effect is rather impressive; it’s hard to tell where the store ends and the sidewalk outside begins.

The focal point of the store is the gigantic 37 ft. mural-esque television display that stands nearly floor-to-ceiling at the wall opposite the store's all-glass entrance. The flat panel television is so large, in fact, that it requires its own air conditioning.

On the walls are Apple's new wooden accessory display installations, dubbed "The Avenue," which feature a headphone tryout area, as well as shelf space for speakers, docks and other paraphernalia. According to Ahrendts, the drawers, cabinets and other interactive flourishes are designed to simulate the feeling of window shopping on a sleepy street in a small town.