Rhodes College Bookstore

Interior Finish Out:

Rhodes College in Memphis, TN wanted to change an old gym into their new impressive bookstore.


The problem was to change the look of an old gymnasium and its dingy walls to a modern well lit retail space...the bookstore.

The plan was to include new modern fixtures, repair and rework the walls, and use ,odern sections as part of a dropped ceiling to create a new modern look. New lighting fixtures and other details make the area look bright and modern.

The start of the projects is to change the walls to take the gym look out of the area.

New fixtures with a sleak look gives the store a modern look.

Hanging areas for a dropped ceiling effect with modern lighting fixtures.

The retail space is taking shape to its new design, making a great shopping experience.

The use of windows and lighting gives the area a nice soft feeling.

Finally, the store is read for merchandise to be displayed and later sold.