• The city of Memphis wanted the 10 ton "Mountaintop"monument moved.
  • Needed to be moved about a mile through downtown Memphis.
  • The city wanted it located at the new MLK Reflection Park in time for the MLK 50 Year Celebration (5 days away).
  • W. B. Day Construction was asked to make the move of the sculpture happen.
  • The sculpture was located in a tight area and had to be maneuvered carefully to get out of the old location.

How It Happened

  • W. B. Day Consstruction found the company who originally moved the monument back in 1977.
  • Got retired heavy equipment operator Gary Apple of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to drive a 40-ton forklift to move the sculpture after other heavy lifting companies passed on the job because of the risk and liability issues.
  • Worked with city police to have an escort to stop traffice when moving the sculpture through downtown.
  • Finally, a crane was used to put the sculpture in its place in the park.


  • Moving the monument through downtown took 45 minutes.
  • Two hours later after finding the right places to secure the sculpture, it was lifted and placed in its new location.
  • Secured in place in time for the city's MLK 50 Year Celebration at Dr. Martin Luthur King Reflection Park.
  • W. B. Day Construction got the job completed on time with no damage to the sculpture.

Starting out in an area across from the Convention Center on the Mid-America Mall.

The awkward sculpture could only be reaised a few inches during the whole trip.

A tight area that needed to take time to maneuver in order to get it out.

Making sure not to clip a light pole and damage the sculpture.

The awkward asymmetrical design made it difiicult to weave through the poles.

Finally, the Mountaintop Sculpture is on its way to its new home.